Himos Epic MTB is two days Epic MTB race on best trails of the middle Finland at Himos, 18th-19th of August. Special stages are from 2 to 10 kilometers, with up to 300 meter height differencies. Group of five riders will start once in a minute to the special stages, and after the stage they will continue together to the starting point of the next stage.

Early birds could choose their own start groups of the maximum five riders, which gives a great opportunity for groups of the friends to have a great summer weekend at best trails of the Himos. First start times are recommended for fast riders, who like’s to ensure “barrier-free” ride through the race. Later on registrated riders will have their starting groups according the registration order.

Himos Epic MTB special stages are including only the best trails of the Himos area, including the XC and Enduro type of trails, from the fast downhills to the hard uphills, but keeping the riders safety on mind. Every trail is possible to pedal from start to finish. Transition zones goes mainly on the small gravel roads. On Friday the transition zones takes only app. 5 minutes totally, and on Saturday the transition zones are totally a few kilometers only. In the middle of both race days, race organization will serve a drinks and snacks at maintenance break. Race organization will also provide You a picnic bag (app.2 litre) which You can fill with Your own lunch etc., and race organization will bring it to the maintenance break to wait Your arrival. Replacement batteries for e-riders will be delivered to the maintenance break with picnic bags, if necessary.

The most optimal bike for the Himos Epic MTB race is a modern trail bike, which fits well to many kind of trails. Light XC bikes are best for the hard uphills, and enduro type of bikes for fast downhills. Anyway, race is possible to ride smile on the face with every type of the mountain bikes.

Full race includes two days, first day at Friday 18th August will start at 4pm and ends app. 10-11pm, including from 4 to 5 special stages. Second race day will start at 8am on Saturday morning, first by the groups who ride only at Saturday. Full race groups will start app. at 10am on Saturday. Race will include from 7 to 8 special stages at Saturday, and it will end app. 6pm. Please note possible need for headlights on Friday night. Special stages are same for full and half race riders on Saturday.

King of the race is fastest rider of the total race, who use least time to the special stages.

Race includes also from 3 to 4 uphill and downhill segments, and uphill and downhill winner tittles will be given for the best riders of those segments. Segment race is for two days riders only.

Race includes own series for e-bikes and fat bikes.

After the Himos Epic MTB official special stages are completed, the last special stage will start at Himosareena on Saturday night.

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Welcome to the best trails of the middle Finland at 18th-19th of August!